Algo Grosso

Algo Grosso

Estudio Montevideo
San Luis, Argentina
Project Year
Gonzalo Viramonte

Algo Grosso

Estudio Montevideo as Architects

The idea inspiring this project is a fantasy world where everything can be “sketched”; a white canvas that transports us into different city scenes.

We wanted the background to be neutral but impressive, so we choose the white color since the toys are very colorful.

The three-dimension shop window is inspired in some narrow street of the world. It takes up the first 20 m² (215.28 sq ft) of the store with a perspective on one side wall that appears in three dimensions, creating the product display racks. Two-dimension elements such as streetlights, cars and signs complete the neighborhood’s decoration.

On the other side wall, a train arriving at the station appears. It was thought as the place to exhibit the stuffed animals and that they are the "passengers" on board.

Along the store, there were three columns which we have turned into trees, and also were turn racks for displaying. These trees are the only elements we left wooden colored so as they stand out with regard to the rest of the white interventions and give structure to the room. This landscape of forest finished its completion with synthetic grass patches in the floor that create paths through which kids can go all over the room, and a place to exhibit the games for the children.

Along all the walk, in the “sky” there are birds, clouds, planes, hot-air balloons, stars, the moon, rockets flying —everything a children always dreams about.

The counter and the cash register represent a grocery store/greengrocer’s with its 2D drawings that have been brought to life in 3D drawers.

The perspective sketched with some elements that appear in three dimensions with the same black lines is what creates that game between reality and fantasy that we were looking for.

We look for each element in 3 dimensions to be an exhibition space or have a function. That the elements are not merely decorative and thus achieve that the concept is integrated into functionality.

And finally, the facade responds to the same concept. We sketched a vintage facade over a white canvas attached to the original store’s glass pane, which is the first blank page of this tale.

Material Used:

1. Lumen - Lighting

2. 3DI - Signs

3. Walter Ferreyra - Lettering

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