ALP Logistic Republic Yangmei

ALP Logistic Republic Yangmei

JJP Architects & Planners
Taoyuan, Taiwan
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ALP Logistic Republic Yangmei

JJP Architects & Planners as Architects

To provide a highly efficient truck line and a new interpretation of logistic warehouse, the project aims to create a new benchmark for the next generation of such building, moving from traditional warehouses to modern fast turnover logistics infrastructure with a new perspective.

The three-tier storage of the “three-dimensional stack” is one of the characteristics of the project. In order to maximize loading space, loading areas are set on both sides of the ground floor while the second and third floors are readily accessible from the street level by truck. To prevent the building from appearing bulky and stagnant, the exterior design turns the hollow core concrete panels 60-degree together with the interior wind braces, balconies, truck parking areas, exhaust openings, air conditioning and structural systems, all the while creating a dynamic and speedy visual effect. Combined with corrugated metal panels, the exterior envelope has considerable advantages such as rich texture, good insulation, and small displacement value.

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