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Alter Torkel – Ds Huus vum Bündner Wii

Pablo Horváth as Architects

The Four New Pillars of the «graubünden WEIN» locality

More than 70 winery businesses and around 300 viticulturists between Fläsch and Bonaduz make up the trade association «graubünden WEIN».

The new «Alter Torkel», uniquely located among the vines at the entrance to the village of Jenins, is its physical centre – its «address».


The well-known restaurant «Alter Torkel» has been transformed into an ensemble through structural interventions carried out in the winter of 2014/15. This further upgrades the place with regard to culture, tourism and marketing.


1. Culture and Events in the Extension

The unpretentious new addition made of bush-hammered concrete grows out the «Alter Torkel» in a simple and pragmatic, yet significant way. At the centre of Graubünden wine the local viticulture is presented and can be experienced in all its variety. The new meeting and exhibition space has two completely different faces and can be adapted to current needs in a few simple steps:


– As exhibition space:

In a redesigned and modern exhibition, «graubünden WEIN» retraces the history of local viticulture and of wine as a cultural heritage fulfilling an important cultural mission.


– As meeting space:

The «bijou» meeting space, reminiscent of a wine barrel by its oak panelling, provides an exquisite setting for all sorts of social events: wine tasting, seminars, workshops or business meetings.

All members of the trade association «graubünden WEIN» are represented by stylized wine labels mounted on wooden plaques.

The large square window looks onto the vineyard and creates a vivid reference to it and its natural resource.




2. Torkel

The more than 4 m high and 8 m long massive beam press (Torkel), built in 1722 and donated by Chur hotelier and champion of Graubünden wine Milo Pfister (1930-2014), has been a character-defining feature of the «Alter Torkel» since 1975. It has recently been renovated and can actually be used. The beam press represents the craft and as such is a symbol of viticulture and is thereby much more than mere decoration.



3. Winebar

Located directly behind the beam press, an impressive presentation of cooled wine has recently been installed. Arranged in the fashion of a «Weinorgel», the wines give a striking impression of the wide variety of work done by the members of «graubünden WEIN».

Guests can examine and compare wine bottles – literally within their reach – and then take them to their table. The removed cork will have its place in the perforated buffet front, rounding out the experience in a playful way.


4. Pergola

Previously, the house and the vineyard were separate units. With the picturesque pergola, an additional connecting spatial element has been created, making the magnificent landscape look like an image on a screen. The wild grape creeping up the pillars provides shade and envelops the visitor.


The restaurant is the connecting link between the four interventions. Its rustic ambience is preserved, and provides new identity-creating highlights due to the specific, non-intrusive additions ­such as the wine bar, the barrel-hoop lamps or the cork buffet.

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