Bartosz Bochyński


Bartosz Bochyński as Architects

AluWall concept is a juxtaposition of the present and the future. One of the latest facade technology AluDesign is connecting with an innovative vision of Euramax. The design of the facade strongly refers to this conditions.

AluDesign is new digital coating technology which based on aluminum, in the production process. This interesting material was redefined. Flat sheet of aluminum has been transformed like in a factory, by human hands and machines. Bending, creasing and deforming added to the material another layer of expression. The texture of this processed material was applied to the facade . It is unique for AluDesign but also for every person who passes the facade of the factory. It forces to stop, come closer and check it’s reality. This is really important and it is showing how AluWall alludes to interact with people, no matter if they see it first or subsequent time.

The design can be considered as both as commercial and form of art. Depending on the recipient it can induce different emotions. For some it may be interest, curiosity or even astonishment but all of these emotions are positive. Furthermore it gave really futuristic and innovative impression, the impression which Euramax want to be connected.

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The Mixc, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China
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