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Project • By Ana Rita RamosFactories


Despite our strong desire to travel and discover new countries, we never went to Netherlands. But it’s impossible not to create a fantasy about everything we could live and see in this magical place. Colorful houses, tulips, windmills and bicycles, along with our joy to finally see it in front of us. Although we’re seat in from oh the computer in this exact moment, we can feel the sensation of breathing such a beautiful city. Sounds like a cliché, but... dreaming takes us to every corner of the world! And no doubt that one of the roads would lead us to the Netherlands. For the accomplishment of our proposal, we went through several projetual phases.In order to have a broader picture, before we could think about a concept or even start... More

Project • By Ignacio OrdásFactories

Euramax wants be your skin

Euramax creates skins, for buildings, for people, for lifes inside and outside, artworks for cities through building identity. Nederland skin for the whole world, the nederland technologies, care, profesionality and the sensibility for sensations transmission, as the two arms skin contact do, softly but strong. Thats the reason to choose the skin caress image in grey scale, shown as the white stripe of the nederlands flag, with the coloured panels going clear as they get far, everything asking to be your skin, our skin. Euramax is able to create all kind of panel designs as you want, but it always will be a skin, and thats the reason why we thought in this poetic concept about Euramax activities and products, this nice expression of... More

Project • By Henning RothfussFactories

Euramax Competition Proposal

THE IDEA Double it up! Make the area of the facade twice as large by creating a zig-zag-pattern. THE CONSTRUCTION: The high-resolution prints made on the Euramax-Facade-Elements show the precise printing technique. THE RESULT Almost every time you look at a building, its‘ always in the perspecitve, but never ,face to face‘. So from different angles and from different ways of approaching the building, you will fin a different view on the facade. A Zig-Zag-Pattern... More

Project • By Kirti DesaiFactories

Euramax competition entry

Tulips are blooming Sun is out and shining bright Green grass is growing. By Emmi This Haiku captures the way the world remembers Netherlands. This is the centraltheme of my design. Rows and rows of bright tulips swaying in gentle breeze under thesun, ever-changing shades of bright colors. Nature is the perfect theme to showcase Euramax’s philosophy. When I went throughthe brochures and the company website, the message that came across strongly was  Their innovative approach to products  Importance given to maintaining quality  Sustainability and Environmental savings We as global citizens are taking steps to save our environment so that our childrencan enjoy nature’s bounty just the way our forefathers did. As a co... More

Project • By Wysocki Sebastian, Szczudło Bartosz, Budźko Dominika and Zduńczyk Monika MariaFactories

Euramax competition entry

“- Yesterday called your math teacher. She said that you draw horses in your book to math. - Unicorns. They were unicorns.” Michael Ende – Never ending story Our own mind and imagination that allows us to see things that other people do not understand is the final say in where we can take the plunge without fear that the world around us will affect what we see.The real world is only an illusion in which we live, and in depth we strive for harmony and natural beauty.In designing the façade Euramax we wanted to create something exactly like this, an image that will encourage reflection and will interpret it in different ways, not forgetting, of course, the main goal - the creation of advertising attracts the attention of potential custo... More

Project • By Damian PFactories


Noun: A planned event that occurs after much orchestration and planning to create maximum effect for all users involved and remains memorable for the experience it creates. In a similar light to what Robert Venturi calls ‘the decorated shed’ in his influential book Learning from Las Vegas, I propose to turn the usual into the unusual, the expected into the unexpected, to showcase what I believe is the spectacle made possible with the facade technology AluDesign. Emergent 21st century technologies have always fascinated architects and engineers, and this design seeks to engage with that creativity and fascination. Through an innovative use of Euramax’s AluDesign panels, printed in a glistening gold leaf, the warehouse facade becomes a... More

Project • By Bean BuroFactories

Euramax Aludesign Competition

The patterns are an artistic interpretation of envisioning the productivity information of the factory business, where the production cycles and quantifiable variables of the industrial processes are transcribed into a set of algorithmic lines and gradient mapping colours. It signifies the production glory of the factory in the town. The facade of the factory wall is considered to be a 'skin' with its unique organic identity. The aesthetics of the pattern is inspired by the organic undulations found on Whale skins, where its streamlined contours and spot patterns are functioning elements while beautiful and attractive. The Aludesign product shows off its quality by the high colour definitions of the subtle gradient colours and the br... More

Project • By Alberto Iannucci and Alessio CancellieriFactories


Our project aims to simulate a 3D optical illusion facade, through a regular panels facade. Technology potential offered by the Aludesign panels is clearly to be able to generate hyperreal images,simulacra of real images of any type, shape and size. In our project, the factory facade must, however, express product potential in terms of color gradation andprecision of printing. Our project generates the surreal illusion of a complex geometry in the same regulartexture of the panels, which instead is constructed in a simple and regular way, without any constructionalcomplexity. In this way we can stimulate the interest and creativity of architects and designers to use theproduct, not only to generate simulacra of reality , but also to b... More

Project • By Enrique MacMillan and Marc MirandaFactories

The Employees' Wall

Since we first started working on the design of the factory’s main façade it was clear to us that its rethinking was agreat chance to do something unique for EURAMAX. We thought it had to become much more than just a billboardto point out whose factory it was or a fancy picture not related to the company. In fact, we wanted the façade tobecome a visual statement of the company itself, its values and its ideology. Going through EURAMAX’s website we noticed the Vision & Values section and it became obvious that if there wassomething that made the company feel proud it was their employees and the way they work to achieve excellencein their business: “Our achievements are based on the successful contribution ofeach of us as individuals in... More

Project • By Ziemek KiwerFactories


The facade reflectsvagueness between what is true and fake. Interpolation between these two words, uncertainty what is real and what is an illusion, breaks conventional perception of things and introduces a fresh element in everyday routine. The design is meant to be inspirational for the workers, clients and passing traffic. The picture relates also to the agricultural character of the Netherlands and a close relationship between the citizens and a nature. Timber architecture and structures are strongly visible in the landscapes and so they became landmarks along with the Dutch windmills. Roermond itself is encircled by a green belt, the Meinweg National Park, the valley of the Leu, the Swalm, Roer and Meuse rivers, which provide oppor... More

Project • By Ewa RamsFactories


Unprecedented image of a cow in a factory area astonishes at first. The viewer gets confused and curious at the same time. It attracts the eyeand encourages people to find out about the place. It acts as a commercial. It surprises in the first instance and then it explains… The image of a cow is not accidental. Bringing a bit of farmland to an industrial area breaks the cliché of an unfriendly, rough industrial landscape. The amusingportraits, taken with fish-eye lens, introduce a new quality as well as they add a vibrant element to the existing space. Those cute animal faces, bringing back memories of countryside holidays,should “humanize” the working area. They are optimistic and shall transfer their positive emotions to the passer... More

Project • By Cubic300Factories

Euramax competition entry

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