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AMAZING AMASSING by Christian Daschek and Julia Wildeis | solidOperations

Solid Operations as Artists

Team: Veerle Rigter, Sam van Hooff, Sonya Falkovskaia, Tamás László, Natascha Fakler, Czinger Jákob, Maria Elena Ferraresi The essence of a summer school is people connecting with each other. Their motivation, skills, knowledge and will to connect and exchange amongst each other are most important. The structure(s) of our proposal are amassed singular elements, a structure which reflects a coming-together of individual elements. A structure in an infinite state, to be split, re-arranged and ultimately in parts to be taken home by all participants so they can set up camp anew somewhere else. Just as importantly, every village needs practical items, like tables and chairs.

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The Pilot’s House
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The Pilot’s House

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Winchester, Hampshire, UK - Build completed in 2016
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