Ambiental School and Surrounding Areas

Ambiental School and Surrounding Areas

João Álvaro Rocha – Arquitectos, S.A
Maia, Portugal | View Map
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Primary Schools
Luís Ferreira Alves

Castelo da Maia Urban Park - Environmental Education Complex

João Álvaro Rocha – Arquitectos, S.A as Architects

The Estate, in its present configuration, already posses its own “house”. The school, as a building, should be a house without being the house of then estate – its presence should extinguish rather than impose itself. Its condition relatively to the existing and now transformed house is that of a secondary element, as if a supplementary building, whose form results from the exterior and the relation of dependence that it wishes to keep with it. Everything should be simple and direct as it has always been in rural constructive tradition. This, because a house is always, merely and only, a house…

“Art is not in decadence, on the contrary it’s slowly penetrating the new evolution of the artistic environment. Stone, bronze, inexorably surrenders to new technologies, in the same way that in architecture cement, glass and metals originated a new architectural style. It is not possible for an evolution to take place, in art, with only stone or colour, but a new art form can be made with light and television – only the creative artist can and should transform these techniques into Art. The material is static, mans intelligence defines it, finding sense within it, dominating it in calculus and in art, making it a heritage of humanity.” (*)

(*) LUCIO FONTANA – 1968

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