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Hiroyuki Arima + Urban Fourth as Architects

These days, we are losing focus of our main theme. Perhaps we need to include the surrounding margins when we address the meanings of virtualized space.

"...If our experience of reality is to maintain its consistency, the positive field of reality has to be "sutured" with a supplement which the subject (mis)perceives as a positive entity but is effectively a "negative magnitude."
- Slavoj Zizek

The sire is only a few minutes walk from the Ohori Park, where the outer moat of the Fukuoka Castle used to stand during the 1600s. Today, the area has become community park with a perimeter of about 2km, enjoyed by locals as a place for talking, running, and cycling. The park is also a cultural region containing an art museum, Noh theater, gallery, and restaurant.

Following this context, the first floor and courtyard were designed as a gallery the embraces the concept of "beautiful cars as a lifestyle." The house centers around the courtyard that features a selection o attractive trees such as oak, maple, katsura, and ash, and is designed so that it is disconnected from the outside world. The floor and wall surfaces that face the courtyard, however, have different angles in various places to transform and spread light. Various spaces surround the courtyard in a U-shape throughout the three levels, each offering a view of the inside that can be seen from the different zones.

The surrounding environment is monotonous with clustering mid-rise structures, and the project has no distant views. The design emphatically focuses n defining the house as a distinctive couple cut off from the ordinary foreground, and to explicitly yet reasonably screen its environment.

While functional, both interior ad exterior spaces of ANGLE contain fluctuation and variations in many places.


Volumes eoxand, contract, and continue, and the project becomes unified, through the use of material and texture . The couple, the children, and the grandmother. Each member of the family enjoys life ; according to their own taste and style.

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