Apartment with trees

Apartment with trees

Kiev, Ukraine

Apartment with trees

Alena Yudina as Interior Architects

Minimal forms, laconic geometry, purity of lines of this apartment all inherit by natural materials: timber floor, furniture, hanging tails of plants and trees in flower pots, ceramic tableware, wool carpets, linen handmade textiles on the windows. Interrior has no signs of cold and detouched modern style, as all the furniture and decoration elements have natural provenance. The apartment is temperate in color. Main are: white, black and dark green. It is designed for a young family of 4 and complies their life style completely by providing family and private zones, guests welcoming and terrace areas. Private zones are separate for parents and kids (boys) both themed with greenery by handmade carpets, trees prints on walls, posters, tree-like decoration of pillars and simply in two-meters trees in pots. That's where the idea of the name originated.

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