Appartement M

Appartement M

Studio Lausanne Architecture
Eysins, Switzerland
Project Year
Delphine Burtin

Appartemement M

Studio Lausanne Architecture as Architects

Home is about security and hospitality. It’s a comfortable place where guests can be welcomed but that also serves as a haven of peace and retreat ».

Lucia Eames


A multitude of furniture, lamps, fabrics, plants, art pieces, books, toys, daily objects and bargains create a harmonious whole thanks to thoughtful choices and a delicate arrangement.


The purpose of this flat transformation was to offer a living and working space altogether, that could continuously be enriched and metamorphosed over the years.


We wanted to offer the possibility of a huge variety of interior design, combining old and new, craftmanship and industrial products, technical and artistic objects, pragmatic and decorative, natural and artificial.


The harshness of the electric light has been softened to compensate for the lack of natural light. Its warmth floods the rooms by night.


An accomplished surrounding is probably the result of a slow accumulation of things we love, selected for good reasons over the years.


Material Used:

1. Mosa. – Tiles - Sandstone

2. Rimadesio – Sliding Door –Velario Bronze

3. Sbarawi – Sink 

4. Blc Beech Timber - Stairs

5. Flos – Floor Lamp – Ic Fi

6. Woodwork – Tailor-Made Furniture - Oiled Oak

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Project Credits
Products used in this project
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct link
Floor Lamp – Ic FiFlosIC Lights
Tiles - SandstoneMosa
Sliding Door –Velario BronzeRimadesio
Product Spec Sheet
Floor Lamp – Ic Fi
Tiles - Sandstone
by Mosa
Sliding Door –Velario Bronze
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