Ashgrove House

Ashgrove House

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Ashgrove House Extension

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Conceptual framework Presenting twice over a ten year period, this Queenslander required, in the first instance a new main bedroom and ensuite wing and, in the second instance, a new kitchen with a relatively seamless relationship with a new roofed deck.

Resolution The clients requested the extension be faithful to the original detail and form of the Queenslander style house. This presented opportunity to ‘tidy up’ the few remaining ad hoc elements of the house from previous extension and renovation work. Rooms remained fundamentally in their original location, albeit with improved climate, spatial quality, lighting and finishes.

Large sliding doors allow the new kitchen to assume an almost ‘camp kitchen’ relationship with the new roofed deck, a fundamental aspect of the brief.

Sustainability The rework to particularly the kitchen and deck allow the rear of the house to ‘breathe’ again, gathering north easterly cooling breezes together with winter morning sun and sheltering from summer afternoon heat.

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