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Puri Lighting Design as Lighting Design

The stars are the light of the moon, the sun is the belief of kapok, the turbulent sea water climbs the shoulders of the tree shadows, the dawn has just penetrated the heart of the sky, and the lights and shadows put clothes on the house.


——From Chuan Tan


Asia Forum Park is located in Qionghai City, Hainan Province. It is a picturesque place with the sea as its home. On the basis of meeting the lighting needs, the lighting designer restores the feeling of "in the nature " to the greatest extent, and allows everything in this project to blend in with nature. This is also the soul of lighting design throughout all stages of the project.


The corridor pillars in the warm color light environment not only give people the traditional soft and warm feeling, but also show a simple three-dimensional sense of modern aesthetics. The light and shadow they form make the whole space warm and mysterious.


The light connects to the ancient well, shining sparkling water lines, and the ground reflects the color of the sky. The poetic Milky Way starry sky surrounds the well, and it becomes the inspiration in the designer’s eyes.


The landscape courtyard, from plants to rocks, gravel, and landscape walls all represent different meanings. Visitors have a peaceful experience in the embellishment of lights, the interweaving of light and shadow and the nature. In this place, all the sights are beautiful.


At night, the vitality of a space depends on the perfect lighting effect to show, the ancient village building in the living room, wall lamps at the corners which serves the function of guidance, the entrance door which is emphasized by warm lights, the great combination of light and darkness, giving it a touching and hierarchical beauty .When returning home at sunset, walking quietly in it, both the body and mind of the visitors are purified, and the heartstrings of each visitor is touched.

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