Assisted living in Utebo

Assisted living in Utebo

Basilio Tobías Pintre
Parque de las Fuentes, Utebo, Zaragoza, Spain | View Map
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Pedro Pegenaute

Assisted living in Utebo

Basilio Tobías Pintre as Architects

The building is built along longitudinal lines with a flat stepped layout on the floor corresponding to the central communications area and facility zone. On the upper floors these stepped layout mark a clear difference between the four units which are meant for private use. On the ground floor the stepped layout determines the position for the main access to the Residence marking the difference from the Day centre entrance which comes via a private patio.


The access points come from the South East of the plot putting the approach ramp from the parking and the porch which extends it on a parallel to the western facade. From the East the residence faces the open space which is the border with the Park, allowing the main rooms to be advanced and be orientated towards said longitudinal green zone which includes part of the existing tree filled area. A porch runs along parallel to the western facade.


On the basement the dining room, staff changing areas, the kitchen –connected via lifts to the offices and the dining room of the Day Centre and the residence area on the upper floor– the laundry area, the rubbish storage areas, janitor’s area and storage areas. There are different vertical communication links between the floors. The central area situated in the corner which creates the stepped layout of the floor, the service area is situated next to the service area on all floors. As well as these two central areas there are two staircases, one in the extreme north the other in the extreme south of the building.


The lineal and fanned layout of the floor is adapted to its position within the park and the role of the front of the building are blended into the background, responding to the diverse characteristics of the surrounding areas and the different needs of the entrance areas. On the other hand the plan and the permeable character of the ground floor allow for a blending and narrower connection with the ground, whilst the wooden lattice fence diffuses the separation of the necessary external private areas with the rest of the Park.

Material Used :

1. Faveton ‒ Facade Clading

2. Gradhermetic ‒ Blinds

3. DLW ‒ Vinyl Floors

4. Thermatex ‒ Ceilings

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Vinyl FloorsDLW Flooring GmbH
Facade CladingFaveton
Product Spec Sheet
Vinyl Floors
Facade Clading
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