Baggage Sorting Plant A4

Baggage Sorting Plant A4

Dürig AG
Zurich Airport, Kloten, Switzerland | View Map
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Baggage sorting plant A4

Dürig AG as Architects

The new building for the central baggage sorting facilities is positioned on a site which is bordered by two neighbouring buildings, the apron and a road facing the airport landside. It acts as a keystone by closing the gap between the terminals and the cargo buildings.

The building assumes existing radiuses and geometries and thereby maintains its basic form. The ground plan is the most important work instrument for the design. The restricted interior spatial relations and considerations about a future conversion led to the decision to locate all of the secondary elements in the corners of the building or outside it - stairs, entrance, ramps, sluices, lift, emergency exits, solar shading, etc. Exactly like the central mass of the building, these individual elements are designed as sculptural volumes. The various fore-buildings and annexes simultaneously symbolise the various baggage conveyor belts which run underground into the building.

The new building has two faces. Facing the airport landside it directly connects with the two adjoining buildings. The building assumes the scale of the two neighbouring buildings and joins with them, but due to its different materialisation and detailing it appears as an independent object. The large-scale elements dominate the side facing the apron - ramps, snow balconies, canopy.

The building has a second function as a parking for service and maintenance vehicles. This function gives the building a striking roof landscape and the large covered access ramp. One could almost say that the vast field of the apron is extended onto the roof. In addition there is a through road to Fingerdock A in the basement level. Taken together, this mixture of functions, the ambitious geometry and the restricted spatial relations give the building its expression.

The construction and the skin of the building are made of reinforced concrete for structural reasons. In turn, this choice of materials complements the chosen form of the building.

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Project Credits
Building automation
HVAC engineer, primary supply
HVAC/S engineer and coordination
Electrical engineer, secondary supply
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