Baie-St-Paul's Geothermal and Water Plant

Baie-St-Paul's Geothermal and Water Plant

STGM Architects
Baie-Saint-Paul, Canada
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Alexandre Guérin

Baie-St-Paul's Geothermal and Water Plant

STGM Architects as Architects

Situated on the site of the Hôtel La Ferme complex in Baie-Saint-Paul in the Charlevoix region, the geothermal pavilion houses a potable water well, which supplies the hotel complex with geothermal heating and cooling. Immediately adjacent to the Petites Franciscaines de Marie convent, the building design is reminiscent of a small garden pavilion that fits solemnly into the setting. The building is clad in wood slats over a glassed façade that progressively lets light into the interior of the building. In direct light, the rhythm of the wood blade plays off the landscape to create an interplay of shadows, well defined on the ground and transforming the building into a beacon at night when the lit interior shines outward. The roof dipping downward to the ground and the very light metallic gray cladding blends with the undulating, sparkling winter snowscape. The building’s stone base, colors, and roof also reflect the conventional architecture of its surroundings.

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