BBL apartment house

BBL apartment house

Bohinjska Bistrica, Slovenia | View Map
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Private Houses
Žiga Lovšin

BBL apartment house

Raketa as Architects

House BBL reinterprets the 'gank' and is seamlessly intertwined with the existing surroundings. The volume is functionally divided into two parts, private and apartment, which remain functionally separated within the same envelope. The division is reflected on the façade by the design of the wooden cladding that obscures the views of the interior and emphasizes the smaller windows.

Inside, the attic is enriched by a visible wooden roof structure, while on the ground floor, space is concentrated around a traditional stove.


Material Used :
Facade cladding: Wood, Mizarstvo Kos
Flooring: Wood 
Doors: Wood, Okna vrata Negode and Megušar Les
Windows: Wood, Okna vrata Negode
Roofing: Aluminum, 29x29 stucco, PREFA

Interior furniture:  
Kitchen: wood, Mizarstvo Kamiz
Stove: Pečarstvo Hrovat

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Project Credits
Product Spec Sheet

Doors: woodMegušar Les
Facade cladding: woodMizarstvo Kos
StovePecarstvo Hrovat
Roofing: aluminum,29x29 stuccoPREFA GmbH
Product Spec Sheet
Doors: wood
Facade cladding: wood
Roofing: aluminum,29x29 stucco
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