BEKR Pavilion
Jean Araya G.

BEKR Pavilion

MCR+JAG as Architects

The pavilion is developed as a collaboration for the Ideograma, the office who carry Henkel's corporate communication, in order to shape the participation of Bekron/Bemezcla as sponsor of the “Building of the Year+”, organized by Archdaily. The event this year took place at the amphitheater Pablo Neruda located on the San Cristobal Hill in Santiago, Chile.


The basic condition for these interventions –in which the sponsor invests, but is not a philanthropist– is simple: it’s a matter of brand positioning. Unlike the construction fairs, where the stand of each brand is the focus of attention, this event is a party, so in order to have an active presence the intervention needs to be able to make a place in which the party can unfolds.


To make such a place we proposed a kind of foyer: a space that belongs to the event, and not to the hill, simple enough not to be the focus of attention, but still memorable.


In terms of design the attention was mainly put into designing the errors, that is, to review all decisions in order to gain some margin of action there where things could go wrong. By working this way we achieve to manage the margins of uncertainty and to avoid a share of frustration.


At first, for example, we thought to mount the wooden ring perfectly horizontal, but we quickly realized that this meant that the lifting slings should be fixed to the ring, predefining their distances to then tense them separately, which was very difficult to execute on site. We also knew that, even if we did so, any mistake, since it was an ideal position, would be noticeable. This led us to think an inclined position. A crooked ring will always be that. You can not fail.


The pavilion, a few meters below the party, remained lit all night. At times someone went there to get distracted, stayed a few minutes and went back up. The next day, at afternoon, it was unmounted and taken to a warehouse, where it rests waiting to be mounted again.


Material Used :
1. Plywood e=9mm (1+1) – Wood structures
2. Synthetic enamel painting color=white – Paint and finishes
3. LED Linear tube L=600 mm 3000ºK – 900 lm – Lighting
4. Textile slings width=2“ – Textile structures
5. Steel Structure (different shapes and sections) – Metal structures
6. Bekron/Bemezcla bags counterweight=100 Kg. – Mass structures

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