Big Book Kid's Bookstore

Big Book Kid's Bookstore

JK Lab Architects
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Sergii, Zhabskiy

Big Book Kid's Bookstore

JK Lab Architects as Architects

'Big Book' - the third in the chain of children's stores in Odessa, Ukraine. However, this store is fundamentally different from its counterparts in design and content. To develop a new interior design concept, JK Lab Architects was invited, specializing in the design of children's stores, restaurants and hairdressers. The store sells books and eco-friendly toys from around the world. The highlight of the concept was the cafe MOLOKO BAR, which is located on the territory of the store.

The central element of the concept is a large tree (the 'book' in Russian is the name of the tree species) inscribed in the interior. In this case, the tree is made of metal, painted white. The interior is dominated by white with patches of pink shelving and bright upholstered furniture for children, also developed by JK Lab Architects.

White color serves as an excellent background for bright children's books, toys and children themselves. In addition to the shop area and cafe area, a play area for children is provided in the space, made using soft pillows and glass with a gradient applied to it. Here, children can play, read books from the assortment of the store, or simply lie down on soft mats under a canopy.

The store is very popular among adults and children. This is why expansion of the store has now begun.

Material Used :

1. Ediisson - lighting fixtures

2. JK Lab Furniture - Sofas and armchairs

3. Benjamin Moor - paints

4. Abessaloni - wooden furniture and details

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