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Bio21 Nancy Millis Building

Bio21 Nancy Millis Building

Parkville Victoria, Australia | View Map
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Dianna Snape

Bio21 Institute Nancy Millis Building

DesignInc as Architects

This new building combines state-of-the-art PC2 and clean room research laboratories with workspaces and collaborative shared spaces to expand on the Bio21 Institute’s engagement with multidisciplinary research, training and industry. This approach supports the Institute’s unique ‘school to bench to workplace’ vision. Co-tenants, CSL Research share the facility as home of their Global Hub for Research and Translational Medicine.


Thinking about scientific research begs the question: What is the essential quality a research building should have? The answer – a sense of discovery. The constrained, almost hidden character of the site provided an ideal opportunity to express that experience of discovery by creating a journey through space and nature.


The journey begins through a sequence of landscaped courtyards into a multi-level, light-filled collaboration forum, rich with biophilic experiences. Like a clearing in a forest, the forum provides a natural focus to the building. It opens to reveal a tall, tapering volume framed by natural materials and textures. Accessible from multiple directions, the forum connects directly to Bio21 David Penington and is the primary shared space for formal and informal meetings, breakout, circulation and collaboration.

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