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We were asked to create a space where you could savour some cocktails in an elegant atmosphere while enjoying the virtues of its location by the water’s edge at the OneOcean Club Port Vell yacht area in Barcelona. The building hosting the Blue Wave Cocktail bar has a particular morphology: a long tube form, with its longest facade facing the water, covered with a white lattice enclosure that creates a play of light and shadow at dawn.

The design of the cocktail interior is conceived as a wave. A wave before breaking creates an embracing tube that generates an aquatic, dynamic and unitary space yet filled with reflections and shades. The vertical water wall spills out, becoming something else, like sea foam. Sunset light breaks into golden pieces floating over the water. To recreate the wave feeling in the interior we used tiny and reflective elements. The usage of one single material on floors, walls and ceiling unifies the space and strengthens the wrapping sensation of our particular wave. Ceramic tile was the right choice for the preceding qualities and its relationship with the Mediterranean architecture. All ceramic tiles were designed specifically for the project and handmade by a local business of ceramic artisans. The color range goes from deep blue to white, incorporating the white concrete lattice façade of the building as a finishing of the blue space, like the foam to the wave. Golden elements recall the sun reflections on water. THE COCKTAIL BAR

Located at the northern part of the cocktail bar there is a wide terrace. Conceived as a Mediterranean cove, a space of transition between a vegetal, wooded zone and the sea, its stepped topography creates different spaces. A place that invites you to relax, listen to the sea and stare at the horizon. The wood pavement generates a topography of different levels. It creates a platform hosting the VIP zone and stands out as the back of the benches, where the Mediterranean vegetation shows and helps us draw the limit of our cove, creating a certain degree of privacy for the area . The lower marble tables have an irregular shape and appear like pebbles on the sand once the wave has broken.

The rectangular and long space of the cocktail bar is organized in a very clear way, with its two short opposite sides open to the entrance area and terrace, and the bar placed in a parallel way to its longest façade. The glazed façade allows opening and connecting the interior space to the exterior, this way adding the white lattice of the existing building as part of our wave. The wave continues its curl through the floor, wall and ceiling and takes form through the use of reflective materials, shiny and blueish, such as ceramic tiles, marble slabs, metals and glass. These materials, organized in surfaces and panels, help us create the patchwork of support elements behind the bar, with the bottle display as one of its main features. The bar is part of the wave, and it is conceived as one more of the marble slabs. But in this case it is hung from the ceiling and floats gently in the middle of the space.

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