Born Market surrounding area

Born Market surrounding area

vora - architecture in process
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Adrià Goula

Born Market surrounding area

vora - architecture in process as Architects

The proposal is part of the strategy to revitalize part of the old town, which has stagnated for many years for lack of use of the Born Market and lack of permeability of the Citadel.

The urbanization of the streets surrounding the old Born Market has the goal to respond to needs and potentials, which an opening of a renovated building like Born Cultural Center will generate in public space.

Connectivity and permeability. Traffic in the Comerç Street infront of the market has been eliminated and the pedestrian space was included in the continuum of the rest of the district, up to the limit of the Citadel Park.

Centrality and identity There has been created a vacuum around the building to highlight its monumentality. The paving is an element of connection to history and memory of the place.

Flexibility and functionality The project was defined with the premise to promote maximum diversity of uses. With the launch of BornCC the current uses were intensified and new ones appeared. The open space, the single platform and the character of the plaza strengthen this diversity.

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