Bridge house Vilnius

Bridge house Vilnius

ArchLAB studio
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Leonas Garbačauskas

Bridge house

ArchLAB studio as Architects

Expressive modern style house is designed in a lot surrounded by nature. Pine forests are on two sides of the lot. It was clients desire to find such an oasis in nature with a small river or creek, what became a specific task for Architects, because the flowing water divided land into two parts.

The challenge was to incorporate the new house into existing nature as much as possible. Design and concept consists of two main volumes: home of the owners and a small house for guests. These two parts are connected with an open bridge, which becomes the axis of assembly and face of the house. Existing trees were also involved into design, they are passing through the roof of building. Large windows connects the interior and exterior spaces, what creates a cozy and calm atmosphere for residents and their guests. Much attention has been devoted to supplement the design with subtle landscaping, open fireplace and wooden terraces, where you can relax listening to the sound of water, enjoy wonderful view. In final result modern lines of white house are even more prominent with green natural environment.

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Landscape design
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