BSG Sales Gallery
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BSG Sales Gallery

Eowon Designs as Architects

Completed in 2015, our latest project - BSG Sales Gallery, another great team work by our architecture team x interior design team, Nestled along the hustle bustle street of Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, formerly known as Northam Road. A very different kind of its uniqueness outstanding very much among all it catches one's first glimpse! A not-so-an-ordinary sales gallery.

| Entrance | What is catching the first glimpse in the eyes upon the arrival at the information counter - skillfully designed and selected by one of the rarest find in the local, Eiffel white marble stone imported from Greece with a mix of oxidized steel. To exude a subtle feel, in between visibility & invisibility - the infinity rod cables aligned together as the backdrop distinctively for the company title.

| Interior | One flat layer is just not good enough. We created some layers on the interior part - a little more secluded, a little more space, a tad more exclusive discussion section while still able to keep the entire space integrated. This inspiring discussion area, or, also called as, meeting section - meticulously embraced with geometric lines, steels, cable rods, up-leveled tropical timber platform.

Carried out with cementitious flooring, Eiffel white marble stone, raw tropical timber, cable rods, raw steel and oxidized steel. It is not an easy task to appeal still spacious and organized when all areas integrated into one, we carefully considered every material selected to be used in the space. To be able to enhance the interior space to the designated intention and working its functionality still, yet keeping a well balance feel.

| Courtyard | As for the courtyard, it is never enough only basking in the indoor's indulgence we passionately created for the people's pleasure; Take a break, take a walk along the walkway at the courtyard filled with greens and stones - imagine just for a moment basking in the sunshine, fresh air, all the pleasant warmth an outdoor space has to offer. We delightfully created a space just that, for everything pleasant, nothing less.

| Entrance Door | The grand entrance boldly strengthens and enhances with vertical timber fins, tropical element that fits flawlessly well. Even a subtle small detail counts to bits - exclusively paying small attention even just to a door handle, we designed to impress.

Material list for BSG Sales Gallery 1. External wall- 12mm calcium silicate board (Hilux) 2. Roof- 0.48mm TCT kip lok metal deck (Bluescop) 3. curtain wall- 0.83mm laminated glass panel 4. Floor- black polished cementitious floor 5. Facade panel- composite timber 6. Timber deck- composite timber 7. Main structure - Steel 8. Wall=- light weight block

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