Reza Tavakoli Abandansari


Reza Tavakoli Abandansari as Architects

In this artwork, drawing the shapes, forms and shadows creates a fake three dimensional effect on the surface of the wall which leads to the attractiveness of the mural.

To achieve the higher level of quality and turning the fake designs more believable in the eyes of the spectators, the sketch is combined with some real surfaces and objects on the wall. In fact, the objects on the wall (lamps and the window) were applied as the visual elements in this piece. Also, the situation of the wall and the horizon of the spectator is considered in this design.

In the right side of this piece, there is a young girl swinging; in which the end of the chains of the swing is attached to a volume that is presumed to be the wall. Lights, shadows and the colorful surfaces are to create a dynamic and emotional image; creating an illusion of the three dimensional objects on the surface of the wall makes us to imagine a different dynamic and impressive atmosphere in the spectator’s minds. There are some bubbles in different parts of this work, they help the diversity and dynamicity of visual construction of the composition.

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