Bulleit Frontier Whiskey

Bulleit Frontier Whiskey

FAR frohn&rojas
Oakland, California, USA
Project Year
Saul Metnick

Bulleit Frontier Whiskey

FAR frohn&rojas as Architects

The Bulleit Frontier Works bar temporarily occupies a series of abandoned spaces, beginning with the historic Sixteenth Street Train Station in Oakland, and continuing with sites in Austin and New York City.


FAR frohn&rojas was asked to design the bar as an entirely 3D-printed structure. We re-imagined the fine lattice support which is inherent to much of 3D-printing and which is normally not visible to become the visible bar structure itself.


We developed an algorithmic script based on a voxel-principle (3D-pixels) allowing for varying densities in different areas of the structure, maximizing visual impact and catering to functional needs of the bar.


Three large-scale voxels offer openings to prepare and serve drinks. In order to accommodate bottles and glasses the voxel-scale is reduced to just a few centimeters along the bar surface. Throughout the bar structure, which is roughly 8 meters long and 4 meters tall the lattice gets denser at multiple points in order to accommodate bottles to be stored as well as displayed.


The 3d-printed lattice is coated in copper, evocative of the amber color of Bulleit whiskeys.


Lighting turns this lattice bar into a lantern animating the raw spaces the bar inhabits. Thus the visual impact of the bar grows far beyond the physical lattice structure itself.

Project team
Messner Mountain Museum Corones (MMM Corones)
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