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CABN - An Australian Tiny Home

CABN - An Australian Tiny Home

Adelaide Hills Council, SA, Australia | View Map
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CABN - An Australian Tiny Home

CABN as Architects

Somewhere along the way, we lost touch. With ourselves and what is most important – our environment and the people in it. The realities of modern life are eroding the base of our existence. The basic human instinct of interaction is being diminished by a society more comfortable with banter on social media than a real world encounter. We get greater satisfaction from possessions than we do from heartfelt experiences. The pursuit of ‘things’ regulates how we exist and treat others. CABN was created to help provide people with a means to disconnect from the crazy we have brought upon ourselves.

Our completely off-grid, sustainable and eco-friendly tiny houses set in some of Australia’s most stunning and stimulating landscapes offering an ideal escape. Give yourself a fighting chance with a short stay, recharge your batteries and retreat in style. Our digital detox allows you the freedom to disconnect from the tyranny of online lives and to reconnect with what makes you happiest.

Set in large areas of natural scrubland CABNs are surrounded by incredible walking trails, creeks, dams and breathtaking scenery.

Think bushwalking, forest, creeks, waterfalls and bird watching. Expect kangaroos, drop bears and bandicoots. Wake up to the sound of magpies and kookaburras heralding the dawn. Gaze up at the night sky, with a warming nip in hand.

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