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The young couple with 2 children decided to build their own house on the plot gifted by family. The wife has a lot of memory of her child hood with the old house used to be here, and memories of taking exploration to neighboring area or having picnic on their farms and garden with her sister every day.

We designed this house basing on her nostalgia to this land. We interview her to collect many scene of daily life activities from her memories and built up walking through garden as house. In the same time, the husband wish to have modern appearance on their house.

L-shape building to enclose the land from neighboring eyesight and having gate in the deep corner of the plot, we create the inner garden as the center of this project. The building is designd as the background (profile) of the garden,and also the part of garden. To control the route of approach the location of trees are carefully decided in the garden. Following the edge of the plot with various scene designed with several elements, we arrived to the entrance of the House, and we continue to follow L-shape route inside the house visiting spaces by spaces which was composed by her memory of old house.

Working though the gardens and spaces inside the house, her memory match with real life with her husband and daughters every day life. Young sisters are playing and working around the garden and houses, gifted mothers memory as part of their experience.

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Forrest Road
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Forrest Road

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Sandton, South Africa - Build completed in 2018
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