Ca'n Rudayla

Minimal Studio as Architects

This project is located in a special location, in a defile on the magical island of Ibiza. Its volume is fully adaptive to the geometry of the terrain, as well as its wall covering and exterior finishes.

Its interior stands out for its neatness and delicacy, with continuous wall covering, giving its interior a monolithic appearance, which highlights the rest of the interior elements that make it up.

The influence of natural light and the lighting projection of this house, give different skins to the same room, advancing in a smooth and pure manner with natural light, until reaching extreme color chromatics, changing the character and appearance of the house at its whim.

Its influence and reflection in the monolithic of its interior, make up a game of shadows that generate a unique and unrepeatable projection. An ode of light.

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ElementBrandProduct name
ManufacturersDelta Light
ManufacturersBuster + Punch
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