Canal Nacional

Canal Nacional

Mexico City, Mexico
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Urban Green Spaces

Canal Nacional

paisaje radical as Landscape Architects

The Canal Nacional its one of the few water bodies existing in the city and contributes a historic structure that was once emblematic for Mexico city, during the Colonial period and until the 1950s. However , starting in 1970 the area started to intensely deteriorate. Also the loss of the urban image from it surroundings, the water was being polluted with irregular sewage discharges and the erosion on the shores was evident. El Canal no longer presented a continuously level that made it navigable from Xochimilco to Churubusco, and stunk water started bad odors. The degree of perturbation that existed in the zone started the unauthorized and illegal deposits of rubbish and trash, making this a centre of insecurity, pollution and diseases. Paisaje Radical project rescues the Canal Nacional on different levels, in first instance focusing on salvaging the characteristic habitat of the lacustrine surroundings, providing environmental services to the city, addressing the hydrology problems, eliminating the pollution that affected the canal's water quality. In addition to maintaining a constant and even flow through out the Canal. On the other hand the proposal of a linear park that represent a pedestrian connection and propitiate alternative transportation, establishing recreational areas, helps to recuperate the urban image as well as the search to dignify the space. The project in present day generates many benefits to the habitants of Coyoacán, Iztapalapa, Tlalpan and Xochimilco boroughs, places where the Canal Nacional flows trough.

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