Casa Caxambu
Pedro Napolitano Prata, Alexandre Rodrigues

Casa Caxambu

Aresto Arquitetura as Architects

Located in the city of Jundiaí on a corner plot, the house is built on a main floor and a lower floor that emerged from the use of the natural topography of the lot, which practically did not change.

The simple forms were adopted so that the constructive process was more economical and fast. One challenge of the project was to adapt the construction to the small area available for construction. As the lot is on the corner, much area was lost due to legal recalls and for this reason it was necessary to make the garage in a lower level.

In the surroundings two distinct realities can be clearly seen, an abundant nature with the man living harmoniously in the rural properties, and a devastating and imposing occupation of the land, in the new neighborhoods and closed condominiums.

To represent this feature of the place, the project is composed of two elements. A heavy, rough-looking base resembling a large stone representing aggressive human occupation of nature, and a light white "shell" that overlaps this block representing the harmonious occupation of man with nature. This overlapping reflects our desire as architects that life in harmony with nature is the model that prevails in the region.

With a U-shaped plan the residence involves the leisure area bringing privacy to the pool area. In the three dormitories facing the street, the solution to guarantee the privacy was to adopt windows with windows taller than the conventional one. The exterior openings and glass cloths were designed to get the best use of ventilation and natural lighting.

Externally the house was lined with white mass, ACM panels that hide the entrance door, natural stone, fulget coat. The finishing materials associated with the geometry of straight lines of the house give the project a contemporary and minimalist look.

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