Casa CP

Casa CP

Elia Marchioni Architetto
Treviso, Italy
Private Houses

Casa CP

Elia Marchioni Architetto as Architects

Relationship with the landscape: The few openings on the public sides of the house guarantee a balanced and strong relationship between full and empty spaces. The southern façade presents itself as an excavated volume, whose main element is the view of a large double‐height room. The whole building centres around this room.

The house is for a young couple. The plot is the result of a recent allocation on the outskirts of the residential area. Two main elements define the project. Firstly, the fact that the building was built alongside the two sides of the plot which are on the road, so that the property is enclosed without the use of fencing or walls. Secondly, a large double‐height room which overlooks the garden and the surrounding countryside, around which the whole building is centred.

On the public sides of the house, the composition of the perspective drawings is linked to the juxtaposition of the few openings with two darker stripes. Contrary to this, the façade overlooking the garden is organised on different levels; it therefore contains various openings in one design. Since they face south, the openings are protected by deep eaves. Inside, the rooms are arranged in order to create a sequence of contractions and expansions, enhanced by the natural light. The entrance opens up to a small, contained and semi‐dark vestibule, which contrasts with the great light coming in from the following double‐height living room. Another contraction takes place after the living room, followed by an expansion represented by the kitchen. Finally, there is a sort of open‐air room.

A straight staircase, placed between two walls and illuminated by a skylight, leads to the bedrooms on the first floor. The two smaller bedrooms are separated from the largest one by a central empty space. The largest bedroom has a big terrace resembling an open‐air room, which is enclosed on two sides by a wall and a brise‐soleil.

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