Casa del Abuelo

Casa del Abuelo

Senior Housing
Córdoba, Veracruz, Mexico - Build completed in 2016
Luis Gordoa

Casa del Abuelo

Taller DIEZ 05 as Architects

La Casa del Abuelo is a public day-stay for senior citizens located within the premises of a 4-hectares municipal park in the northeast of the city of Córdoba, in the state of Veracruz.


The project starts with the idea of creating a refuge, a place where you can carry out activities in community with the elderly, in a natural, serene, fluid environment, with various interior and exterior spaces that are organized through workshops, outdoor terraces, services, and multipurpose areas.


Programmatically, the building is developed on a single floor, to achieve universal accessibility. For this reason, it was sought to locate in one of the less inclined areas of the terrain, allowing one part of the building to be naturally in place and the other to rise slightly, allowing a multipurpose area "embraced" by two existing trees, minimizing the impact in the site and generating direct views of its natural environment.


Based on coexisting with the environment, the architectural scheme is adapted to the layout of the existing vegetation, essential character of the project; likewise, the visual tension generates the main axis of circulation, harmonizing between one of the main historical landmarks of the city and the surrounding landscape.

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