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Casa G1 (G1 House)

Casa G1 (G1 House)

estudio Martín Aloras
2888 Guemes st., Rosario, Argentina | View Map
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Luis Vignoly

Casa G1 (G1 House)

estudio Martín Aloras as Architects

The recession processes of the last decades have greatly influenced our training and practice of the architecture. Austerity is an achieved value and creativity is expressed through the development of the idea, the light, the air circulation and the proportions as added values. For us, the detail and the budget will always be the minimum.

The construction is a 1:1 model that brings to light the spontaneous and nourishes the process story, which is as rich as the construction itself. A building as an abstract fact is unreal and boring.

Every request is a problem to solve and the solution is the idea. Successful processes are the ones in which everyone properly accomplishes tasks, from the contracting party to the painter; being the first one the greatest maker of the event, undoubtedly. In a small and irregular plot of 4.41 mts, plus 16.00 mts of background, with a crammed floor and lack of light, a structural operation frees all the walls up to 2.00 mts of height.

The space is arranged, aired and illuminated through the patio, another room where sometimes the rain falls. The stucco flows from the entrance garage to the stairs, patios and counters.

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