Casa LV Tech
Carolina Mossin
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Product Spec Sheet
by Tarkett

Casa LV Tech


The Frame LV house was born from the search for less excess and more application of technology. Developed by the professional in 2018, the construction system applied was based on a planning and efficiency architecture, in which every detail is thought for the best use of material, transportation, integration between man, architecture and the space around it.

The idea was to seek a perfect balance between a clean work and an affective and sustainable architecture, using essential technologies and lines to create a cozy and contemporary home, with minimal environmental impact.

The project represents the client's and the architect's commitment to passive solar design, the environment, high quality construction and the project's relationship with the landscape in which it is a part.

The client, the builder and the architect worked closely together to ensure that the many necessary design on the run decisions were appropriate for the location and the budget. The structural steel structure was welded on site before closing with the Steel Frame system. The steel structure was framed with large aluminum frames and shrimp panels with a solar screen that allowed the indoor environments to be bathed in plenty of natural light.

Tune between the team made it possible for the construction phase to be completed in 10 months.

The house also has a system for capturing rainwater and solar panels, which are able to supply the energy demand.

Part of the beauty of this property is the way it negotiates opposites. While the exterior is dark, worked with different materials, the interior is clean and very light.


1. Belgo elevators
2. Infinite frames
3. Espadari locksmiths
4. Florense
5. Blue Sol Energia
6. Casa Nova marble
7. Pasinato stones
8. Tarkett Fademac
9. Portobello
10. Tyvec

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Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy - Build completed in 2018
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