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Avenue of the Americas is a two-lane avenue which is located along the main access to the city for those whoarrive from Catania. Who gets to Ragusa find a welcome sign in the town of the Baroque capital of the provincewith several monuments of its historical center enrolled in the UNESCO list. It is located in front of a non-place, peripheral expansion, the sum of banal buildings built betweenthe end of the old and the beginning of the new millennium. Of all this the visitor does not find the track There is no minimum urban design, the roads are driveways,made only for cars and not for people to connect different parts of a cluster of chaotic and lacking in identity. In this context, we found ourselves at the end of 2010 to start a project of a residence for two families. The idea of our clients is to build a modern building, giving up an earlier project which planned a traditionalconstruction with various classical elements. Starting from that point comes the identification of our study which hasnow its own image, thanks to the many contemporary projects realized. The main idea when designed the building was to free him from the building surrounding by building a firstlevel overhanging on all sides, with a considerable overhang towards the avenue. The second idea was to think aboutthe material, concrete, which shows the plot of the formwork panels. The project is designed in a holistic way,integrating the exterior with the interior which, although different in the two residences, primarily for the use of materials are characterized by common choices. You enter in the building by an internal road on the back side. From that side the project is characterizedby a structural grid, projecting on the ground floor, with an inserted steel staircase, very light,which contrasts with concrete structures.

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FlexformFlexformSoft Dream | Fabric Sofa
LAGOLAGOAIR | Double bed
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