Casa-Port railway station

Casa-Port railway station

Casablanca, Morocco
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© AREP / Photographer: Didier Boy de La Tour

Casa-Port railway station

AREP as Architects

The construction of the new Casa-Port railway station is part of an overall urban remodelling plan for a district located on the edge of the port of Casablanca, linking the old city to the north of the urban area. The project is also designed to keep pace with the growth in rail traffic anticipated by Moroccan Railways (ONCF).

This transport hub comprises a large passenger hall opening onto a wide square to the south-west and the platforms to the south-east, a shopping centre located on the lower level of the hall, an underground car park on two levels, and an office building parallel to the platforms. Taking into account the predominance of commuter travel and the simultaneous nature of peak traffic flows (incoming and outgoing), the passenger hall has been designed for full access to the platform concourse. Access points to the platforms are spread along the length of the hall, ensuring optimum flow management at peak times. The hall contains all the services required by travellers, including a prayer room away from bustle and noise. A wide central opening provides access to a lower level which will accommodate the shopping centre, food court areas, and the underground car park.

The architecture of the station hall is characterized by its roof, a wide canopy extending beyond the façades to jut out over the square, and its supporting columns, which open out at the top to allow light to enter the building through openings in the roof. The hall’s glass façades enable travellers to grasp the organization of the station and its walkways before they enter. On the west side, facing the city, a contemporary moucharaby system filters the strong afternoon sunlight without obstructing the view.

The office building is the initial part of a development project which will be extended in a second phase with the construction of two other buildings.

The station has also been designed to incorporate a connection with a future underground rapid-transit station.

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