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Cassiopeia Tree House

Cassiopeia Tree House

Cascais, Portugal | View Map
Project Year
Private Houses
Junior Carranca

Cassiopeia Tree House

Madeiguincho as Architects

We were challenged to design a tree house on a plain of pines and cork oaks. After visiting the site, a young and healthy pine was chosen, on a plateau overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. We assumed that the pine would serve as protection for the house and that the project would embrace the tree . Thus, it became natural to chose the material — from the structure to the covering, passing through its interior : pine . The project benefits of a view over the horizon during the day. At night, it favors a zenith view, since there are few other sources of light beyond that of the stars. In this way, the house suggests different experiences throughout the day and change of source of natural light.

The raw materiality of the exterior relates to the bark of the trees and rough expression. By contrast and due to the choice in its finish, the same material resulted in a lightweight and soft interior. The creation of a nest is present in the gesture of the elevation of the house, on the wood of handled appearance on the exterior, and on the depuration of the interior.

The simplicity of the spatial experience was, from the beginning, a key requirement of the client, making more palpable the distance from an urban way of life. In this way, it made sense to allow the evolution of this concept to the outside, through a balcony, near treetops and with a view of the sea, at a distance — space to breathe, see and feel nature.


Material Used :
1. Facade cladding: Lunawood
2. Flooring: Madeiguincho, Pine
3. Doors: Madeiguincho, Spruce
4. Windows: Polima
5. Roofing: Rothoblas
6. Interior lighting: Madeiguincho
7. Interior furniture: Madeiguincho

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Product Spec Sheet
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