CBD Tower Upper Hutt – Penthouse Apartments

CBD Tower Upper Hutt – Penthouse Apartments

Studio MWA
CBD Tower – Upper Hutt, New Zealand

CBD Tower Upper Hutt – Penthouse Apartments

Studio MWA as Architects

CBD Tower Penthouse Apartments proposal

This project is developer speculative transformation of existing commercially organized roof top spaces, to more attractive residential units – apartments.

This proposed re-development is in an established High-rise building in hart of very vibrant Upper Hutt City CBD, in the Wellington Region. The Clients brief was relatively simple, we were to design one or two executive, apartments on the penthouse level of the CBD Tower, taking into consideration the very attractive view, but at the same time provide quality orientation and spaces to be able to be marketed to a wide audience.

Existing large meeting room spaces very rarely used, we through design exercises try to transform to attractive residential units, gaining full advantage of exceptional position, orientation, fantastic view of 360 degree, etc.

CBD tower is only one real high rise building in entire Upper Hutt.

Over 30 years old, 8 story building with roof top, was few years back renovated. In meantime market circumstances changed and developer approached us to explore options to create in vibrant and very active commercial building at “rooftop” level new attractive apartments.

Interesting, challenging and quite demanding Project.

As team we try to find solution with minimal intervention and remain possibility for future residents to accommodate required changes through families’ evolution.

Incorporating into the design the existing steel and concrete structure, retaining the existing roof, and very restrictive subfloor space for the new services, was a real challenge. Giving the Client the opportunity to choose from a variety of options we proposed, we confirmed that by working closely with us as architects, we can exceed the clients’ expectations (and provide more options than the client thought of).Services, on project like this, as usually dictated some of main decisions, regarding specific positions for bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, laundries, etc. The total possible apartment floor area is approximately 270 m2, with approximately 260 m2 of outdoor roof terraces. We explored options giving a chance to make one big 4-5 bedroom penthouse or, two 3 bedroom mid-sized apartments or possibly 4 small apartments in a combination of one and two bedroom configurations. As was obvious from these concepts, the two 3 bedroom middle sized apartment compositions were of more benefit to the development (the most attractive for the wider public). With this approach and simple security control, the top level lobby area of the CBD Tower with lifts will actually be the combined entry hall to the two independent apartments. (keeping the opportunity if required, to combine the apartments together at a later stage).

The development is planned as a sleek modern addition/alteration to the existing building roof top level. Each apartment has the bedrooms to the North side allowing the residents, which would more than likely be an executive couple with family, allow them to wake to the sun. The open plan kitchen, living, dining area on the south will allow the late afternoon and evening entertaining to be enjoyed in the light of the setting sun. Screens of glass block walls separate these areas from the hallway, which as a connection to the Entry area and the bedrooms, allows visitors to be guided visually toward the kitchen as the entertaining hub, or the quite unique entertaining room. Predominantly external walls are full height double glazing units – fixed or designed as sliding walls, remaining existing roof structure (as hat) to protect spaces against unpleasant summer sun, protect against rain – remaining opportunity for covered outdoor activities etc. Through apartments are planned floating timber floors and all roof terraces are finished with timber decking, blurring transition between indoor and outdoor.

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