CCU Maria José Nogueira Pinto

CCU Maria José Nogueira Pinto

Saraiva + Associados
Cascais, Portugal
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CCU Maria José Nogueira Pinto health care unit

Saraiva + Associados as Architects

Continued Care Unit Maria José Nogueira Pinto is a medium to long-stay and convalescence health care unit, located in Aldeia de Juso, Cascais, Portugal. It’s architectural project was implemented in an existing building, the previous headquarters of an electric factory. One of the main concerns of our team was the maintenance of the volumetric characteristics, and therefore the chosen intervention reveals itself mainly in the interior spaces, in the new exterior finishes and in the integration of all essential requirements for the good functionality of a health care unit. The building is composed of 5 above-ground and one underground storeys and has a capacity of 73 beds. The façades are rhythmically marked by ‘rips’, offering a harmonious and contemporary visual to the building. All entrances have enhanced features either at a visual level or at a functional level. For instance, the peak that is associated to the main entrance does not only emphasize it, but also protects the users from outdoor climatic conditions. The same idea is actually applied to the entrance of patients since they are most frequented exterior areas. Furthermore, the use of a metallic pergola right at the exit of the mortuary house hides it from the closest surrounding areas. All materials were applied with the target of highlighting each form and volume of the building by making the general reading clear and simple. S+A project adopted constructive solutions that guarantee thermal insulation in facades, windows/ doors and roofs. These systems should contribute decisively for the resistance, durability, hygiene and easy maintenance of the entire complex.

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