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Prospect Design International as Architects

Celavi is a 1,000 m2 restaurant- Ultra lounge with a pool deck overlooking Burj Khalika, located on the 54th floor of the new Skyviews address Hotel in Downtown Dubai.

1. When did work start and when was it completed?
The design process took approximately 6 month and construction started in June 2019 and was completed by December 2019 

2. Details of the work executed.
The venue was a core and shell space and Prospect Design international had to take on the full design scope from Interior design, to lighting design, AV design and Kitchen Design.

3. What was the owner’s aim behind the project?
Celavi is owned by L Catterton. The first Celavi opened in Singapore many years ago at the top floor of the known Marina Bay Sands tower, it was followed by other locations such as Colombo, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Taipei.


The owner requested that the Dubai location becomes the signature Celavi Restaurant and Lounge by incorporating some of the design features from Celavi Singapore but by taking it to a whole new design level, from the distribution layout all the way  to the selection of materials and finishes.

4. What was the client’s brief given to the interior designer?
The Design brief was to extract some of the key design features from the Singapore location and re use them in the new Dubai location, while  creating contemporary interior and  incorporating some Asian touches here and there this was done by using natural materials such as stone and wood, but keeping also a good balance with soft  finishes. 


How was it executed?
Celavi was considered a fast track project considering that they needed to open their door for New Year’s Eve, so it was quite a challenging project to execute considering its location on top floor of the Skyviews Address hotel.

5. What is the design concept? What was designer’s inspiration for the project?
When Asia meets Dubai. A contemporary interior with subtle touches of Asia
Celavi is overlooking the most beautiful area in Dubai, Dubai downtown, the city of lights….and it was important to bring in the city vibrations into the venue, by echoing the city light on the walls, ceiling, pillars..etc

We wanted to create a high-end restaurant & lounge that would turn into a vibrant electrifying indoor-outdoor rooftop bar…. 


We certainly wanted the guests to be intrigued when reaching Celavi on the top floor, therefore the space was carefully studied and designed so it gives the feeling of having several spaces while they’re actually all connected visually and physically 

6. What are the main design features, highlights and how do these relate to overall scheme?
The bean shaped space has a breathtaking perspective unobstructed view of  Down town Dubai and Burj khalifa. 

It has 4 main areas: The Ultra lounge on the left , the restaurant on the right side ,  the bar in the middle connecting the 2 spaces and the outdoor terrace bordering the whole venue. The restaurant is featured by a PDR (private dining table) and a unique spherical wine cellar elevated on a platform, and has 66 seats indoor and 40 seats outdoor. While the Ultra lounge area has 75 seats indoor and 50 seats outdoor.


There is many focal points and interesting design features in the venue. We have an entrance glass separation with a metal weaving mech insert.


The is of course the central indoor -outdoor bar, the PDR surrounded by bamboo trees, the circular wine cellar, the stackable windows that create that indoor outdoor feel, the digital LED lighting incorporated in both the leather wall and ceiling…

7. What is the colour scheme? Is it same throughout?
Mainly natural colors and materials were used throughout, such as brown, beige and grey with inserts of brass and red colors which the Celavibrand color.

8. What are the different materials and finishes selected for the interiors?
The interior finishes have many visual and textural depth, see-through glass and metal weave partitions at the entrance, bamboo pillars with Asian lantern brackets and a leather panelled wall.

Other sensorial textures such as stone, textured fabrics, brushed brass, egg-shell finish, wood, cement and red textured wallcovering to reinforce the brand look and feel.

9. Where were the products sourced from?
Most furniture were specially designed for Celavi by our design team, and materials such textiles, wallcovering, specialmushroom leather, stone bar façade cladding..etcwere imported

10. Are there any challenges while executing the project?
Celavi was considered a fast track project considering that they needed to open their door for New Year’s Eve, so it was quite a challenging project to execute considering its location on top floor of the Skyviews Address hotel, and that all materials had to be delivered via service elevator or even external elevators.

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