Cemetery for pet animals

Cemetery for pet animals

Igea Marina, Italy | View Map
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Un parco urbano attrezzato

RMAD as Architects

The design of the structure funeral for animals, located 50 ml . within the Zone of Respect Cemetery , occupies a portion of the lot with a total area of approx. 4,000 with an intervention that would fall within the architecture of the green strongly characterized by the play of essences , alternations of shrubs and trees , hedges and geometries of floral colors . A cemetery for pets conceived as an urban park equipped cemetery where the service is organized and regulated as a function of the spaces created by the vegetation . The structure is organized by: - The entry identified by a cantilever roof sheet cor.ten and a fence to protect Greenwall ivy visually as well as functionally separate the new system compared to the existing cemetery complex ; - An internal linear path that connects the entrance to the service structure placed in the bottom of the lot made ​​of colored gravel architectural floor with a central rotunda where the space is designed as a place of remembrance ; - Two side areas intended for the burial of pets that are enhanced by a turf composed of poa and fescue and strains Funeral small size ; - The wooden structure where they are located on the premises of the service. The cemetery area is approximately 300 ml . from the left bank of the river hydrographic use , outside of the area of respect for water wells , from geological tests performed in the past , it is observed that the shallow aquifer is between 2.00 and 3.00 ml , while the building more next to the perimeter of the work object of an operation is placed at a distance greater than 70 ml .

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