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Project • By project A.01 architects ZT GmbHPrivate Houses

Residence Freundorf

A monolithic residence has been built for a young family in a village close to Vienna. On an exposed hillside plot the residential building is positioned as a solitaire. The sculptural object is surrounded by a generous garden designed by the owners gardening company. The spacious garden merges into the surrounding fields and the natural site. The idea was to generate a seem less perception of the building and the garden area. The garden is part of the living room. The main body of the building consists of two mutually shifted elements which follow the slope from north and south. By the horizontal displacement a high air space, forming the entrance and the central opening, is produced between the elements. The building consists of a baseme... More

NewsNews • 30 Apr 2021

MAD Architects shapes seaside library like eroded stone

MAD Architects used what they call an "anti-material" approach to avoid expression of the structure. The fair-faced concrete of the sculptural library pavilion is interpreted by the architects as a liquid material to emphasize its flowing spatial experience. CreatAR Images The Cloudscape of Haikou is the first of sixteen coastal pavilions to rejuvenate the historic port city of Haikou, located on the most southern tip of China. The building contains a bookstore and public amenities.  Archexist The library and reading spaces, capable of holding 10,000 books, are located on the south side. A café, public restrooms, restrooms, a nursery room, a public rest area, and a roof garden on the north.  Archexist Doub... More

Project • By SELIM SENINPrivate Houses

Villa Harald

The project is located in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, an east African country. We were asked to design a ground+1 floor villa on a land area of approximately 1000 square meters.While designing the villa, the car parking area was created at the corner by taking the vehicle entrance from the corner on the road front in order to maximize the front yard. According to this corner parking area, the entrance facade of the building was designed with 4 units as 1.5-meter following the masses each others.These 4-unit masses, which have a fragmented architecture on the entrance facade, are connected to each other by the ceiling slab canopy of the mass, providing architectural integrity in 4 mass spaces.In the facade on the garden side, the eaves o... More

Project • By Design Unit Architects Sdn BhdPrivate Houses

Cantilever House

The steeply sloping site for this 7000sf house, orientated approximately east-west, falls by 11.5m from the road to the rear with rainforest views to the east of this 7000sf house. The house is designed to ‘float’ over the site – touching it lightly, and allowing the natural slope to remain, heightening our awareness to & informing us about the natural site contours.   Consisting 2 independent structures – a 2 storey living & bedroom block constructed of exposed structural steel supported on a ‘forest’ of irregular spaced columns that enhance the feeling of ‘floating’. This steel structure is cantilevered over a lower independent structure housing an art gallery & cinema and... More

Project • By Pedro PitarchHousing

Gorodskoy Dom

Alternative Layout Designs in Standard Housing Second Prize in the Open International Competition Alternative Layout Designs in Standard Housing In our cities, there has traditionally been a clear and significant distinction between what was public and what was private. This difference used to define the urban and the domestic realm. In a conventional model of the city, urbanity has usually meant public and domesticity has generally meant private. However, nowadays, in a historical period characterized by social transformations, continuous technological improvements and political uncertainties, our contemporary cities are much more complex. Our societies are evolving in a way where the traditional concepts of urban and domestic are becom... More

Project • By ZED LabPrivate Houses

The Cantilever House

The Cantilever House draws from the regional vernacular and finds expression through a contemporary lens to become a home for a family of four. Located in the Raj Nagar locality of Ghaziabad, part of the National Capital Region of Delhi, the house is designed in response to the clients' love for the outdoors. It employs a series of mechanisms that minimize resource consumption, and reduce the building's environmental impact while enhancing the residents' thermal comfort.   Architectural Design The large cantilevers that the house derives its name from, anchor its design vocabulary, highlighting the scale of the building and breaking its mass through the focus on horizontality. The primary challenge was to design the frame with judic... More

Project • By Inspiral Architecture and Design StudiosHotels

Ulaman Eco Retreat

Located inland in Bali, this wellness retreat has been integrated into a forest that borders luscious rice fields on one side and a dramatic river on the other. The river converges water from the whole area creating a junction of small waterfalls that produces enough flow to power a hydro electric generator that can sustain the power of the buildings within the complex. Merging with nature has been at the forefront in the approach to the design, not just by its operation but by using materials found directly on the site and the immediate locality, therefore enabling the resort to become fully carbon zero. The first instigation of this can be seen in the dramatic use of rammed earth for all ground level walls. Being located on a hill requir... More

Project • By Studio Hu'manePrivate Houses

Hermitage Retreat

“We want to go back to nature!” was a simple brief given to us by our esteemed and lively client couple. For them, this was a conscious step to cut off from the urban clutter and experience absolute solitude. Staying true to their brief, our response was an unimposing structure tailor-made for the beautiful serene site. The site is a hillock on the outskirts of the city of Pune, India with panoramic views of the city and mountains. The owners of this house who are descendants of one of the aristocratic Maratha families had envisioned a serene precinct which would take them back to their cultural roots and closer to nature when they set out to build this second home. This was our primary reference for designing the house. Pune w... More

Project • By Cumulus StudioPrivate Houses

Darkwood Residence

Wilderness at heart. Wilderness at home. Step straight off the veranda and stroll amongst towering trees. Or take a window seat, and feel suspended in the Tamar Valley views. Darkwood is simple for the most part, but clever when it matters. It’s not detached from its surroundings, but part of it. The house steps down the steep hill to closely match the ground line, allowing it to stay connected to nature. And what remarkable nature it is, with views over the river, through the trees, and to the beaches and bays beyond. Clever, not posh Our clients, Matt and Eloise wanted a home with a small, sustainable footprint and smart use of space. We collaborated closely with Matt, who built Darkwood himself. From raw plate steel kitchen benc... More

Project • By GRAUX & BAEYENS architectenPrivate Houses

House C-VL

House C-VL – an original take on a bungalow renovation In renovating this 1960s-era bungalow, certain areas in the house were kept undefined. This left a lot of room for the personal interpretation of the residents, so that the house came to life very spontaneously.   Three squaresA living space that could be doubled at maximum, a deep, narrow lot and an uninspiring original construction: those were the raw ingredients for the renovation of this bungalow. Nevertheless, this house from the 1960s also concealed an interesting element. Stripped to the essentials, the floor plan revealed the basic shape of one and a half squares. Mirror this shape and you will get three squares, with a fireplace in the middle. Suddenly there was a... More

Project • By Nikken Sekkei LtdOffices

Ariake Gymnastics Centre

The Ariake Gymnastics Centre - “AWooden Vessel Floating in the Bay Area" The Ariake Gymnastics Centre is designed to function in two phases; initially as a temporary international sports competition facility, then, after taking out the temporary spectator stands, it will be converted into a permanent exhibition hall. A unique feature of this facility is its extensive and generous use of timber throughout the building. This is a positive realization of "wooded facilities" and "sustainability" announced in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympiccandidature file. The material was also selected to express the memory of this district which was once a timber storage pond. Based on the architectural concept of “a wooden vesselfloating i... More

Project • By ikon.5 architectsUniversities

L. Gale Lemerand Student Center

Like a coral stone outcropping rising from the Floridian shoreline, the 74,000-square-foot L. Gale Lemerand student center at Daytona State College establishes an iconic presence to the campus along the main arterial road connecting the famed Daytona beachfront with the rest of Florida. The organically curving stone and bronze wall faces the road and embraces the visitor like two outreached arms forming a landscaped welcome lawn at the campus entry. Rising from the center of the gently curving wall is a bronze portal framing the opening to the student center and giving passage to the main quadrangle and campus beyond. Internally a three-story commons overlooks the quadrangle and serves as the campus living room. Dining, a coffee shop, gami... More

Project • By The Bradley ProjectsApartments


Illume is a collection of 77 residences located in the Gulch View neighborhood. Just minutes away from entertainment, shopping, and dining experiences, Illume is right near the action. The design concept stems from a City-on-the Hill, jewel-box experience set on the edge of downtown Nashville. Illume’s design contrasts light and shadow, transparency and solid forms, as well as privacy and community. Sophisticated and elegant, this fresh modern architecture set within a lushly landscaped environment creates a sense of West Coast living in the heart of Nashville. Located in the city's most desirable urban neighborhood, Illume provides its owners with unique modern architecture and high-end amenities at an unexpectedly reasonable price... More

Project • By Estúdio BRAPrivate Houses

Cauman House

The house was built in Jacarei, 80 km away from Sao Paulo capital, for a family composed by a couple, a son, a grandmother and their pets.   Among the dwellers particularities is the strong relationship with music, specially singing and classical music. Regarding this, the house was developed around a central area made to receive friends in relaxing and rest moments.   The three floors are divided in a very clear way. The basement has the warehouse and the parking space, the ground floor with the grandmother's bedroom, service and social areas and, finally, the first floor holds three bedrooms and their balconies.   The yard, located on the ground floor, offers an environment that suits to an audience or a stage during... More

Project • By Rojo/Fernández-ShawSports Centres

Sports Centre in Alcazar de San Juan

The dimensions of the new Sports Hall in Alcázar de San Juan announce its aim of becoming a sports and cultural infrastructure capable of operating in the local and regional level , while it becomes a central framework for the life of the city . Its 2,000 locations and the ability to host a variety of sporting, cultural, musical, playful and social events entrust it with a central role in the social life of the region. But the Sports Hall has also the aim of integrating in its more immediate context. Conceived as a soft shape and without edges, its curved perimeter aims to naturalize the relationship with the environment, avoiding the imposition of a hierarchy in the facades and promoting a landscape character. The first action of... More