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Project • By Studio MotleyPrivate Houses

House of Canopies

A house for a couple and their sons is located on a linear site within a quiet residential community, the form of the house unfolds to envelope a generous garden court within. The basic premise of the house was that it should be able to house large gatherings and offer an experience of the outdoors from within.  Neelanjana Chitrabanu Neelanjana Chitrabanu Neelanjana Chitrabanu Neelanjana Chitrabanu There are three wings which are distinct in function - a semi covered party area in front and the private bedroom wing at the back. Bridging these two is the wing containing the living, dining and staircase spaces and forming the heart of the house. Connected to the courtyard through a series of timber sliding doors span... More

Project • By WittehausPrivate Houses


A couple steeped in the Charlotte, NC, art scene had approached their architect Toby Witte of Wittehaus with images of the Netflix series “The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes”. With the need for soaring cantilevers, a desire to enjoy the home when climbing stairs might be at issue, and big eyes and open ears about the process of design, they were ready for their own modern home. Amanda Anderson Together they went on a tour to understand themselves and their needs, dreams, and desires as well as their site, and the potential inherent in the art of architecture itself. Over the course of eight months they talked, sketched, explored, flushed out a long laundry list of practical concerns, and inched ever so careful thr... More

NewsNews • 17 Mar 2023

This concrete house in Columbia exemplifies minimalism through uniform rectangular volumes

Nestled in lush settings with expansive views of the surrounding landscape, Casa D.V. is a private house located in the countryside of Columbia, designed by Velez Valencia Arquitectos. The house is an outcome of the pandemic-led migration of people back to the sparsely populated areas set in natural settings with the desire for a better quality of life.  Yeferson Bernal The residence is defined by its minimalistic design derived from the client's affinity towards the planning and aesthetic of the minimalist movement. Simplicity and purity became the pillars of the house.  Yeferson Bernal The site topography resulted in the formation of a large cantilever allowing the diverse functions to be housed at a suitable... More

Project • By Prentiss Balance Wickline ArchitectsHousing

Tongass Ledge

Tongass Ledge sits gently perched over the Alaskan shore. Overlooking inlet waters and balanced at the edge of a rock wall, two volumes at a subtle angle capture the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. For a busy client who splits time between Seattle and Ketchikan, the complete design required a simple form and program, personalized through highly custom interiors. Standing at the edge of the vibrant Tongass Narrows, the Ledge is the perfect lookout for a nature lover. Andrew Pogue Tongass Ledge’s geometry is defined by two tall shed roof structures with a connector between them. This figurative knuckle serves as the main entry to the home and connects the private and public spaces with an outdoor deck. The front d... More

Project • By Realrich Architecture Workshop RAW Architecture -Hotels

Rivoli Hotel

Rivoli Hotel located in crowded area next to Kramat Raya street, east Jakarta, with street’s length of 50 m. It standing on a 1500 sqm land in hook position, with only 16 m width facing south and 97 m length facing west. Within early construction phase, this area had already have existing main stake columns on one floor high construction. The plan was business hotel that yet to be discussed in detail about its program. Kafin Noeman The Hotel were designed to inject new design by splitting building masses from north-south side. The splitting achieved by few lightwell corridor, placed in linear manner that allows light to penetrates from transparent roof to first floor. Each lightwell designed in 1.0 m x 4.5 m size, installed on t... More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerUniversities

TUM School of Medicine and Health

Located in the park of the Bavarian capital, created for the 1972 Olympic games, the campus houses the Department of Sport and Health Sciences of the Technical University of Munich (TUM). The slogan of the Olympic games, ›Light, freshness and generosity‹ represents also our design. The airy, pavilion-like spacious building made of wood and glass provides a clear layout for the various research, training and sports facilities. Its slender outline – 180 meters long and 150 meters wide – fits sensitively into the master plan of Behnisch & Partner. The 19 meter cantilever canopy is a unique wooden construction made of prefabricated box girder elements that can be assembled without the need for costly auxiliary scaf... More

Project • By David Guerra Architecture and InteriorsPrivate Houses

Forest House

The project was designed by David Guerra Architecture and Interior in a condominium next to Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, for a couple with one son. The total construction area of the house is 500m² and the site area 22.000 m². Jomar Bragança The house over the native forest combines the nature with the contemporary vision. The furniture includes classics and present designers creating a snugness atmosphere. The living room, the dinner room, the verandas, the pool, the sauna, the bathroom and the landscape are developed around the kitchen that is the center of the house. All together works as big area of sociability. Jomar Bragança On the first floor there is also an area with two rooms and a ward... More

Project • By Atelier Bracket ArchitectsShopping Centres

Mango Hypermarket

Redefining the retail shopping experience, and organizing the layout in sequence follow people's shopping habits. Store layout begins with a series of checkout counters and product shelving/display followed by a buffer space in between. The store holds a wide range of products, produce, soft drinks, chilled produce, roastery, dairy products, food & non-food products, bakery, butchery, households, and garments on a 40,000 sqft shop floor. The layout is organized on the ground floor, to begin with, produce and ends with butchery and the rest are placed in between.Structural Challenges. Caption Caption The building is located on a convex curvature of the main road. 30 m offset is provided at the front for parking and buffer spac... More

Project • By Cotaparedes ArquitectosPrivate Houses

Casa V

The land is located in the limit of a closed condominium, with a height difference of 8 meters at the back, which allows us to release the views to the east of the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara.  To take advantage of the location, the plant plays a staggered, making the space to expand, as the visitor walks deeper into the house. A large window frames the horizon, but preserving privacy due to the change in ground level. Cesar Béjar In the middle of the field, a patio, which will become the heart of the house, articulates public and private areas, providing lighting and ventilation.  In the patio there is a body of water with a tree, which captures light from the south, through a kind of chimney that blends the... More

NewsNews • 8 Apr 2022

Vertes Retreat by WOVEN Architecture and Design embraces the Sunshine Coast of Canada

Perched high above a pristine lake on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada, the L-shaped form of this family retreat by WOVEN Architecture and Design appears to hug its rocky surroundings. Sama Jim Canzian One wing of the L-shape formation includes the Great Room, while the other two-storey wing houses a garage, media room, and bedrooms above.  Sama Jim Canzian In response to the northern rainforest climate, a large roof overhangs both the wings, providing generous covered outdoor space. Inside, skylights are present throughout the length of the interior circulation of both wings of the house while large openings frame views of the lake and the rocky landscape beyond.  Sama Jim Canzian Materials specifi... More

Project • By Prentiss Balance Wickline ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Cortes Island Residence

The clients were looking for a house that would eventually become their fulltime residence but could also serve as a getaway, vacation and gathering place in the interim. Steve Keating Photography Located at the south end of Desolation Sound on Cortes Island, British Columbia, the site is formed of natural granite bedrock and contains a dramatic peninsula and cliff which serve as a windbreak for Cortes Bay as well as the Seattle and Vancouver yacht clubs. To the south, the house is exposed to the Straight of Georgia which delivers extremely high wind speeds and salt spray during winter storms. To withstand the high winds, the house structure is embedded into the bedrock with steel columns and exposed wood floor beams allowing the hous... More

Project • By Prentiss Balance Wickline ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Capitol Hill Residence

With a compact form and several integrated sustainable systems, the Capitol Hill Residence achieves the client’s goals to maximize the site’s views and resources while responding to its micro climate. Some of the sustainable systems are architectural in nature. For example, the roof rainwater collects into a steel entry water feature, day light from a typical overcast Seattle sky penetrates deep into the house through a central translucent slot, and exterior mounted mechanical shades prevent excessive heat gain without sacrificing the view. Hidden systems affect the energy consumption of the house such as the buried geothermal wells and heat pumps that aid in both heating and cooling, and a 30 panel photovoltaic system mounted o... More

Project • By Prentiss Balance Wickline ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Glen lake tower

High on a wooded hilltop above a lake in Michigan, the TowerHouse is the result of an inspiring collaboration betweenBalance Associates, clients with a passion for architecture aswell as their site, and a skilled local contractor.Directed to create “a sustainable retreat that refl ects thetimeless beauty and simple comforts of the area,” thearchitects responded by raising the primary living spaceabove the dense surrounding woods in order to gain light,air and views of Glen Lake and Lake Michigan beyond. Twofi n-like, metal-clad walls rise from the crown of the hill tosupport a 1400 sf three-story plywood box suspended a fullstory above grade. Steve Keating As intricately detailed steel stairs climb the tower, theymove from... More

Project • By bergmeisterwolf ArchitektenHotels

grafted, hotel pfösl

Selected in a private-sector competition, the project involved the renovation, extension and construction of the new façade for the historical hotel building, along with three new chalets, conceived as a single large-scale ensemble in the midst of the countryside. As a new layer overlapped with an existing structure that has already developed multiple strata over the years, the project aimed to re-establish a unified appearance, conversing freely with the surrounding landscape and the three chalets in the woods. gustav willeit Inspired by a fragment from the wooden frame of the farm’s old barn, the new façade redefines the silhouette of the principal corpus and provides support for the new balconies, like a large s... More

NewsNews • 23 Sep 2021

Atelier ST reinterprets Göttingen’s typical geometries into a modern form for the new Kunsthaus

Atelier ST aimed to embed the new building naturally into its historical setting and yet create a clearly recognizable house of arts. The monolithic facade, with only a few shimmering metallic openings, marks a contemporary venue. © Simone Bossi The architects used an all but forgotten technique - combed modeling plaster. The facade was carefully combed on each level to create irregular grooves in the soft mineral plaster. Each level has a slight cantilever to maximize floor space and resonate with the adjoining historical buildings. © Simone Bossi In spite of the cramped site, a column-free reinforced concrete structure resulted in a surprisingly spacious interior. Only a few windows offer views of the surroundings. R... More