Charles Blanc High School

Charles Blanc High School

Perpignan, France
Project Year

Charles Blanc High School

Kalzip as Architects

The main building, with a total surface area of 8,370 m2, stands out with its 4,479 m² of Kalzip AluPlusSolar roof system. To bring light into the main area of the building, the architect cut out a series of eye-shaped slits in the roof. This particular geometry, made possible by the flexibility of Kalzip AluPlusSolar profiled sheets, is used to break away from the traditional aspect of industrial sawtooth north-lights. The production of long lengths (24 m), brought to the site on exceptionally large vehicles, together with the on-site welding of the profiled sheets create a perfectly sealed roof system in which panels can reach up to 80 m. Architect Richard Teissier, explains that with Kalzip and by adhering to the three main criteria of this project – i.e. minimum pitch at each end, a sufficiently large bending radius and shapes with scope for development – you can do anything.

For Jean-Baptiste Arcuri, the manager of Sopribat (Millau, Aveyron, France), this is a rewarding project. "Installation itself is fairly simple, yet it is the result of a lengthy preparation. The special clips on which the aluminium sections are fixed must be positioned very accurately, depending on the design of the roof. We work in collaboration with the architect and, if necessary, call on the Kalzip specialists. The Charles Blanc High School project mobilized our research department for six months. Sites like these are rewarding for the company and its staff: they allow us to move forwards."

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