Chimney Corners
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Chimney Corners

Webber Studio Architects as Architects

Our clients were happy with the location, size and general layout of their house, but wanted to update and improve it from its 2700sf 1980’s builder home pedigree. With an unused fireplace blocking views to an under-loved but otherwise reasonably-sized backyard, combined with generic interior rooms, the main design strategy was to eliminate barriers between spaces and incorporate exterior zones into the perception of interior space. This was achieved through simple, but consistent materials that run from inside to outside, and through highly-crafted detailing such as the frameless butt-glazed window walls and extended knife-edge eaves that draw out over window heads. Additionally, the original mass was edited into a simpler form and the palette was reduced to bold, regional materials.

The result demonstrates how staying put, and renovating an existing structure, without adding square footage, allowed this family’s dream house to be realized.

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Fort York National Historic Site Visitor Centre
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100 Garrison Rd, Toronto, ON, Canada - Conceptualization in 2011
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