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Church Stone Shelter

Church Stone Shelter

Arkkitehtitoimisto TILASTO
Tampere, Finland | View Map
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Julia Kivelä

Church Stone Shelter

Arkkitehtitoimisto TILASTO as Architect

Finnish architect Malin Moisio has designed a wooden shelter, named Kirkkokiven laavu, in the deep forest of Kintulammi hiking and nature reserve area in Tampere, Finland.


Kintulammi nature reserve is an outdoor area for hikers with numerous shelters to overnight stays or have a break by the campfire. All the shelters are freely accessible to all and maintained by the City of Tampere.


Kirkkokiven laavu, the Church Stone Shelter, is located near a large natural boulder the shelter was named after. According to tradition, the boulder has served as a primitive church for local horse shepherds in the 18th century, which gives it its name.


The building was developed in cooperation with the city-owned Ekokumppanit Oy and the Parish of Tampere who contributed to the building materials. All the construction was done on site without electricity, mainly with hand tools.


The aim of Church Stone Shelter is to provide a nice and peaceful shelter for hikers, a place for resting and preparing a meal by the fireplace. The shelter is not aimed for sleeping, as there are several other lean –to’ s in the area that can be used for overnight visits. There is a wheelchair accessible path for the shelter from the nearby parking area.


The rectangular form of the floor plan and the steep pitched roof reflect the prototype of a house. The high interior space with both ends open create a sacral space which blends in with surrounding nature. The openings of various sizes provide focused views to the forest.


The shelter is made of vertically placed 5x5 inch timber frame. The massive wooden walls are placed on a plinth, made of recycled paving stones. The roof structure and even the benches that stiffen the structure are made of the same timber. The roof is felted and the wood parts are treated with a natural blend of tar and linseed oil.


Material Used :
1. Messupuu- timber - Pinewood 5x5 inch

2. Uulatuote Oy-Coating-Uula Roslag Mahogany


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Product Spec Sheet

Roofing felt-Toptite6Katepal
5x5 inch pinewood timberMessupuu
Wood finishing - Uula Roslag MahoganyUula
Product Spec Sheet
Roofing felt-Toptite6
by Katepal
5x5 inch pinewood timber
Wood finishing - Uula Roslag Mahogany
by Uula
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