City of Science

City of Science

Pica Ciamarra Associati
Coroglio, Italy | View Map
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City of Science

Pica Ciamarra Associati as Architects

Located opposite the island of Nisida, the City of Science occupies and 7 hectares of a 19thcentury industrial area, at present out of use For a length of 250 meters in the middle of the site, a stretch of Via Coroglio becomes as large as possible. The south end, with its first opening towards the sea, is defined by the grapevines suspended between elm trees, the opposite one by a pedestrian bridge with its 30 metres high cables and a second opening towards the sea. between the two doors, a stone redesigned pavement; water games and a special lightning..

The complex, which is also accessible from the sea, includes land art such as the “Science Path”, passing through 19 doors along a strip of water” by Dani Karavan, and, next to the chimney transformed into a periscope, the “Hole through the World,” the illusion of seeing the antipodes, based on an idea by Fred Forest. This part has a strong relation to the sea and keeps the main continuity of sequential perspectives of the roof, onto which new elements with different technology and light are grafted.

The internal areas have continuous pathways, that model the ground like a Möbius Strip, providing a play of continuity and discontinuity between the built and the un-built spaces, with always changing perspectives. The continuity of inner space is organized around a number of elements: the Planetarium and some flight of steps used for small group communications; a water wall dividing the area for temporary exhibitions, introducing in the space a special sound site.

The museum of human body, with its IMAX cinema, is now under construction and will be completed in 2010.

Among the sustainability principles: high performance construction materials, rain water collection and re-use, greenery and landscape design, hybrid ventilation, sun control and light balance with green and screen shading.

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