Mustafa Bulgur

New York, United States
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Mustafa Bulgur as Architects

Cityscape is a global project. It can be built on any waterfront city. But in this project we chosed to New York .

Our concept basically addresses global warming and its consequences. However, it also aims to adapt to a social transformation which would be inevitable consequence of global warming.

Cityescape is not a routless and a bolt from the blue city. It will be articulated to an existing city which has its own civic history and conscience. Cityescape uses the existing infrasturucture during its propagation phase. Cityscape will keep creating and improving its own infrasturucture during developmental stage. However, it will never entirely rupture from the conscience and identity of the city that it has articulated to.

the city is made up of a bunch of cubes.Each white cubes is named “single family house” for 4 to 5 people. Approximately 75m2. It would be made from lightweight titanium plates and held together by even lighter-weight carbon nanotubes. Each would be secured to its support cables by powerful electromagnets Everything will be multifunctional and recycled as possible.

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