CM House

CM House

OASI Architects
Busto Arsizio, VA, Italy
Project Year
Private Houses
Laura Cavelli

CM House

OASI Architects as Architects

A Liberty villa near the city center becomes the home of a young family with three children.

The whole creative process starts from subtraction. Open, remove, cut, peel, remove, unveil. A conceptual and physical cleaning work that allowed to reveal the horizontal space of the old house and the new vertical space of the wide central corridor. Through cuts in the floors the view opens up towards the wooden structure of the roof: the two subsequent cuts (crescent and parallelogram) connect the three floors of the house turning the old dark and inadequate corridor in the heart of the house, defined by the multiple levels looks and transitions.

The ground floor is candid and becomes the background of the collective life of those who live in. The first floor, dedicated to rooms and bathrooms, is rich of colors and textures on the floors that become carpets made of reused and new materials.

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Italy Pavilion Milan Expo 2015
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Italy Pavilion Milan Expo 2015

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Gerenzano, Italy - Build completed in 2015
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