Cocobello - mobile Atelier

Cocobello - mobile Atelier

Peter Haimerl

Cocobello - mobile Atelier

Peter Haimerl as Architects

cocobello is a movable container module, which can be build up very fast and flexible. It can be used as a showroom, an office, a press box, etc.

It deploys and retracts on its own. So if it is positioned one time, it is directly applicable.

Have you ever thought about sending your showroom around?

The first floor is glazed on both sides, so it is visible further on. At the touch of a button your products can be shown at any place. The floor is partially glazed and the LED displays promote the image of your products. At night the showroom change into a huge visible lightbox. The design of cocobello could be devotail with the cooparate design of your company.

Whereever you want to go, take your cocobello with you. During one hour cocobello is build up at any place.


You can imprint every color on cocobello and furnish it with the logo of your company. cocobello is a ideal advertisement, whether or not it is in a positioned or driving situation.

Technical facts

Size length x width x height: lowered: 5,48 x 5,55 x 5,16 m driven into: 5,48 x 3,00 x 3,07 m floor space: 29,17 m² total wight: 13,5 t total space: 35,2 m² construction: steel frame construction covered with metal façade: Lexan technical fittings: electrical connections: 380V/16 A water connections: possible effluent water connections: dehumidifier color: to choice furniture: pull-off furniture (wood or steel) as special design available

Project team
Singapore University of Technology and Design
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Singapore University of Technology and Design

Singapore, Singapore - Proposed in 2015
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