valentino bellini


degma_studio as Architects

The Comparucci estate is located on the ground floor of a 70s building in the heart of Palermo downtown. Not just a pizzeria but a warm and welcoming place.


A regular plant with a central volume that contains the main function: the oven. It is built with carrara marble shelves, wood walls and iron structure, which becomes a real stage for pizza makers who perform in front of their customers, as a real show-cooking. 


The wood used in the false ceilings outlines the space reserved for the dinner tables and the kitchen, becoming at the same time a functional space to hide ventilation equipment and to deaden the acoustic impact. 


The raw black iron, worked and laid with care, defines the elements of furniture such as wine shops, tables and bathroom furniture all designed and customized in detail by the designers.


The indoor vertical garden and plants fill the room giving it a natural appearance as if customers were in a garden.


Material Used :
1. Wood
2. Iron
3. Carrara marble
4. Stoneware

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